Watching the film "Golden hands: the story of Ben Carson"


Every month, the international club Between the Cultures organizes watching educational films in English for University students. The subjects of the films are various: from biographical films of outstanding people to the film versions of fiction. A special category of films, which is also successful among the audience, is the films telling the stories of doctors from all around the world.

On Monday, 14 May, in BSMU bldg. #10 hall the club organized watching the film "Golden hands: the story of Ben Carson." This is a film, directed by Thomas Carter, is based on the real events. The story is about how great desire and sincere faith, help of loved people and their faith in the talents that are already inherent in each person, anyone can achieve everything. The story that proves that if you have the desire and commitment, you will surely succeed. The story is that giving a helping hand to another, we help ourselves. Even more, this story is surprising and inspiring from the realization that it is based on real events, that this man, who was the first in the world to make a complex operation to separate conjoined heads of Siamese twins so that both twins survived, lives somewhere nearby.


The International club Between the Cultures recommends to watch the film "Golden hands: the story of Ben Carson" and invites all those who want to learn English quickly and easily to joint movie watching.


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