Victory Day


May 9 is a special day for our country. The day when the Soviet soldiers gave peace and freedom from Nazi invaders to their Homeland and all other countries.

The word "war" in all languages sounds menacing, frightening and unbearably painful. War forever leaves a mark in the hearts of those who survived. Any mention of it permeates the soul and makes a person powerless before the horrors that he had to go through.

World War II changed the course not only of political and economic events on the world stage, but also changed the fate of millions people. In memory of those who died in this war, in memory of those terrible days, the members of the international club "Between the Cultures" held the evening "Victory Day" in BSMU Scientific Library.

The guests plunged into the atmosphere of wartime, discussed the events of those years, the causes and preconditions of the beginning of the fierce battles on the territory of the USSR and the European countries.

The chief guest of the evening was the commander of the search organization "Obelisk" in Ufa, Elena Vyazovtseva. The search group "Obelisk" of Ufa was founded in 2011 on the basis of the secondary school #79 of Ufa of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This unit is a part of the regional Fund of search teams of Bashkortostan. Currently, there are students in the squadron, there are adult members of the squad. The group is engaged in archival search of information about fellow countrymen (natives of BASSR), the dead and missing on the fronts at the Great Patriotic War, search for relatives of the found soldiers in the Republic of Bashkortostan, goes to field search expeditions.

At the meeting, Elena Alexandrovna provided an opportunity to "touch" the memory of the war. Guests of the evening were able to see firsthand the personal belongings and household items of the Soviet and German armies found by searchers.

The atmosphere of unity of Nations against fascism was further strengthened by the speeches of international students. They recited poems dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and sang songs of the war years not only in Russian, but also in English and Hindi.

After the end of the evening, no one was in a hurry to leave, the students considered the findings of search engines, asked questions to the presenter and guest of the evening. The sincere response in the hearts of all the participants proved once again that fascism has no place on Earth.