January 25th – TATIANA’S DAY in Russia

January 25th is a special day because it’s Tatiana’s Day in Russia, which is also known as Students Day. It’s not a public holiday but its a good excuse for Tatiana’s to celebrate their own holiday and for students to have fun. 

Why Tatiana’s Day is also Student’s Day? 
Russia’s first minister of education, Ivan Shuvalov asked Empress Elizabeth to create a university. On January 25th in 1755, Empress Elizabeth founded Moscow University, Russia’s first University. She created the holiday on January 25th, the name day of Shuvalov’s mother, whose name was Tatiana. The day coincided with the memorial day of the Holy Martyr Tatiana (Tatyana), who became the patroness of all Russian students. It has become a tradition for every Russian student to consider the Moscow University’s foundation day as Students Day. Today, Moscow State University, or “MGU” is the largest University in Russia.