BSMU international students visited the Museum named after S. T. Aksakov


Bashkir land is rich with talented people. Many famous writers, poets, artists and musicians were born here and they began their creative journey in Bashkiria, in the vast southern Urals.

One of such outstanding people was Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov. He was not only a writer, but also an official and public figure, literary and theatrical critic, memoirist, author of books about fishing and hunting, as well as collecting butterflies.

In the year of the fairy tale "Scarlet flower" anniversary the international club "Between the Cultures" and foreign students of our University visited the Museum named after S. T. Aksakova.

Plunged into the atmosphere of the 18th century, the participants learned many interesting facts not only about the life of the Aksakov family, but also about the Russian people of that era. Unusual for us the location of rooms in the famous house and various unknown objects, fascinated all the participants. The mini home-theater and stuffed animals caused no less interest and even astonishment among the students.