BSMU international students took part in the Patriotic action dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics.


Today, April 16, the Russian language teachers and the international club "Between the Сultures" held the meeting of 1st year foreign students with participants of all-Russian Military-Patriotic Public Movement "Yunarmy" in the Scientific Library of Bashkir State Medical University.

It should be reminded that Yunarmy is the all-Russian military-Patriotic social movement, created in January 2016. The main task of Yunarmy is to educate healthy, patriotic citizens of Russia, not personnel for the Armed forces, said the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation army general, Sergey Shoygu, at the first all-Russian meeting of the revived Military-Patriotic movement.

The students learned about the goals and ideas that inspire them and which they set before themselves, being a member of Yunarmy. The activists came to the meeting in the uniform which not only attracts by the bright colors, but also carries a certain patriotic ideas, as well as the symbol of Patriotic movement. Students asked various questions with great interest and compared them with similar organizations in their countries.

After the meeting each other, the students and activists of Yunarmy were invited to an interactive, dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics, where they spoke about the main facts and important dates associated with the domestic and international space.

At the end of the meeting all the participants took part in the quiz.