Autumn Fiest


All nationas every autumn celebrates fiest. Autumn is the season when people collect the harvest, pick the fruits and vegetables as the result of their hard work in summer. In Europe people thanks the gods for rich harvest and celebrate fiests.

There are some other interesting holidays people have in autumn. For example, in the USA people celebrate the eve of all gods to smoothe and cajole gods to have such fruitful harvest next year.

BSMU students who take the active part in the Board Games Club Homo Ludens and the international club Between the Cultures  organised the Autumn Fiest devoted to celebrating rich harvest, as peoples do in different countries, and detective stories, that people like to tell at long dark autumn evenings. 

The Autumn Fiest consisted of two parts: Detective stpry quest and Quiz devoted to Culture and Traditions of various countries. During the Quest the teams had to search for the clues of the detective story and find out who had commmited the crime. After passing the quest and quiz the participants took part in the Best Costume and the Best Make-up contests.

All the guests and participants of the Autumn Fiest thanked the organisers of the event and discussed the unusual traditions of diferrent countries at the tea party and expressed desire to meet next autumn.

We are really grateful to BSMU-Press Team for wonderful photos that you can find here.